DIY Painting Tips

After years of telling our customers DIY advice on how to paint their house we have come up with a few of our favorite tips. Please take a look at our favorite DIY painting tips.

1. Have Enough Paint to Finish the Room / Area - Seems simple! Starting the room and not having enough paint is a simple way to get frustrated quick and make touch ups tough.

2. Stir & Mix Paint Before Starting - Avoid any possible inconsistencies in color. Especially necessary if the paint has been sitting for a while.

3. Work in The Shade - Very important to apply paint in the proper temperature and humidity. Read the back of the can to find the exact specs for each product. **Bonus Tip: Keep your paint in the shade during warm and sunny months.

4. Spend the time on the Prep - Proper preparation will ensure a finished paint job you will be happy with. Ask us how you can prep properly before any paint or stain job.

Painting tips