How to Choose the Best Benjamin Moore Interior Paints

When it comes to interior paint for homes, there may be a few brand names that come to mind. However, one of the most recognized names in the business is Benjamin Moore — and for good reason. They not only are one of the most high-quality and affordable brands, but they also provide homeowners and contractors with options for creating beautiful, functional looks for their space. 

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Benjamin Moore Interior Paints: Which Should I Choose

When choosing paint for your home there are several aspects of the paint to consider. These aspects include how this type of paint will affect the painting process, how the paint looks on the walls of your home, as well as how well the paint will wear in the part of your home where it will be. 

How It Will Affect the Painting Process

Before rolling on that perfect hue of paint, you will want to prep the walls for receiving paint. One of the most important parts of prepping is applying paint primer. Primer will allow the paint to properly adhere to the surface you are painting, and it can add durability to your paint. Thanks to the abilities of modern paints, some types of paint are self-priming, meaning you won’t have to apply a primer before you start your painting project. However, there are some paints that don’t have the primer in them. As you’re choosing paints, be mindful of how they will affect the painting process. 

How It Will Look 

When choosing your paints, you must also consider how they will look. This is perhaps the most fun part of the process; it’s exciting to bring your vision for your room or space to fruition. However, understanding how the paint will look goes beyond the color. You also have to consider the sheen. Many paint types come in several sheens including: 

  • Flat (not washable)
  • Matte (washable and with minimal sheen)
  • Eggshell
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss

The sheen of the paint determines how much shine your walls have. Choosing the right sheen for your project depends on the space you are painting (some spaces look best in certain sheens), how large or small the space is, and other factors. 

Flat Paint: What You Need to Know

Flat paint, is a type of paint sheen or finish. It is often called a “concealer paint,” or "high hiding" as it is the best choice for hiding imperfections such as bumps, scratches, or holes. It hides imperfections well because it soaks up any light that is directed at it, unlike other sheens like eggshell, satin, or semi-glass. Flat paint is also one of the easiest paints to apply and perfect for low-traffic rooms with a lot of light. Typically, however, flat paint is used for ceilings.

Pro Tip: Benjamin Moore’s flat paint sheen is different from their matte paint. Matte paint has minimal sheen, is washable and is perfect for bedrooms and anywhere you are looking for a luxurious finish. 

How Well It Will Wear

You must also consider how well the paint will wear in the area that you are painting. For example, it is best to choose a paint for the bathroom and kitchen that is made for taking humidity and is easy-to-clean. Also, there are paints such as SCUFF-X that provide more than just a beautiful hue on your walls, but are also scuff-resistant: this type of paint may be best for areas of high-traffic, a mud room, a child's bedroom, or closets. 

Choosing the Best Can of Paint

With all of that in mind, now it’s time to check out the types of paint available. Use our cheat sheet below to help you choose the best type of paint for your project. Our cheat sheet is a great starting place — visit our page for Benjamin Moore Interior Paints and learn about the details of each type of paint.

Still have questions? No problem! Contact NC Paints & Flooring or stop into our store in Durham. We would love to help you find the paint that will bring your vision for your home to life. Also, be sure to check out the Benjamin Moore Color App!